Podium and Lectern Options and Accessories

AC-101 Gooseneck Mic Holder

AC-101wc Wireless Mic Clip

AC-201 Gooseneck Light

AC-201-LED Gooseneck Light

AC-301 Digital Clock Timer

AC-401 Podium / Lectern Cover

Sound Systems:

AC-507 DVD/CD/MP3 Player

AC-601HH Wired Hand Held Microphone

AC-601mc Mic Card

AC-603HH  Wireless Microphone

AC-603LL Wireless Clip - On - Microphone with Belt Back



AC-606  SPEAKER CORD, 12 GAGE, 25 FT LENGTH  $39.00

AC-701 A/V Slide Out Shelf (keyboard)

AC-703  Slide Out Drawer

AC-704 Storage Door 1/2 with Lock

AC-902 Wood Plaque

Wood Finish Samples




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order and info:

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AC-805 Power Strip




AC-202 Brass Light

We have many options and accessories that can be added to the lectern or podium


We have podium experts that will be happy to work with you to find the best options to meet your needs


Podiums come standard with Holes for Cords drilled down through the top and shelves covered with 2" cable grommets


Podiums come standard with utility wheels or casters : 28"w will have 2 wheels that act like a hand cart when

podium is tilted back.

The 32"w and larger

will have four wheels


AC-601LL Wired clip-on Microphone (lavaliere)

Call 800-785-8820 with any questions you might have,

to request a quote or quickly place an order

AC-604  Podium Microphone

All-in-One Microphone & Holder

AC-702 Slide Out A/V Side Slide Out Shelf choose right or left side

AC-901 Custom Metal Plaques