Molded Plastic Lecterns / Podiums

DLP 200 Black Shell

Cherry Insert

DLP 200 Black Shell


DLP 400 Da Vinci Grey Granite Shell Oak Insert


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DLP 200 Black Shell

Maple Insert

DLP 200 Table Top

 Lectern or Podium

DLP Standard

Insert Color

DLP 200 Black Shell

Black Insert

DLP 300 Traveler

Custom Shell Oak Insert



DLP 200  Grey Granite Black Marble

DLP 300 Traveler Grey Granite Shell Oak Insert



Molded Durable Plastic Light Weight Podiums or Lecterns


Lecterns have a waterproof shell, tilt wheels and rounded corners.

Perfect for use outdoors or when weight is an issue


Made of high quality polyethylene with a one piece molded shell


DLP-200 Shell Choice Black or Beige Granite Your choice of insert colors


Dimensions: 26"W x 25 1/2"D X 47"HT



They arrive fully assembled and are 100% guaranteed


Basic Shell Colors:

Black, Beige Granite, Gray Granite

Basic Insert Colors: Black, Maple, Cherry, Oak, Natural Cherry, and Black Marble


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